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New species under the ice 12, 12, 06

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Here is proof that I knew was true.  We don’t even know how many species are under the ice of the Antarctic.  Yeah, isn’t that the truth.  So many animals and plants, and species of things that we know nothing about, and don’t even know exist!  Think about how much of our blue planet is covered in water.  That’s about 80%.  Then extrapolate from there.  It’s mind boggling how much we DON’T know.  Here is an article from the Globe and Mail Canada.

In the dark ocean beneath the Antarctic ice, researchers have found scores of species they’ve never seen before, including strange jellyfish and other gelatinous organisms that thrive without light.

It is too early to say exactly how many new species were discovered in the Antarctic, many in the Weddell Sea, where ice crushed the ship of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton in 1915.

The scientists saw more strange creatures than familiar ones, says Ron O’Dor, an expert in octopuses and squid from Halifax’s Dalhousie University and the chief scientist in charge of producing the first marine life census of the planet by 2010.

I hope that they find more good news despite the fact that 90% of species seem to have declined.  That’s a sad number to hear.


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