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Why wait for sex until after marriage? 16, 12, 06

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Yeah, a SEX topic, for you.  It’s not gross, but just thoughts…

For those who’ve never had sex, here are my reasons why to wait.  Of course, YMMV, these are only my thoughts, of course.  Wait because it’s special.  It’s an incredible gift to lie there afterwards with this person you love, and say softly, “you’re my first, my only one, and I love you”.  I can just see myself saying that, if only I could have.  I won’t go into why I can’t.  But the emotion is so there, in the dream I have.  The upswelling of tears right there, at the brink, and the satisfaction right there, too.   Think about what it’s like for a guy.  He’s just said, in physical terms, “I’m a man, and I’ve shown that”.  For a woman, with the right set of emotions of love, and trust, and desire, she’s opened herself in the broadest sense a woman can.  You can’t be more open than that.

Yes, sex is so open these days with birth control, and easy access.  It’s portrayed as an easy attitude to it in the movies, and on television.  But in the bedroom, there is a trust there.  As you lie there, and your lips meet, there is a reaffirmation of the bond, beyond your comprehension, that continues when you make love to the same person year after year.  How does it not get boring?  Because it’s always good, if you work at it.  If you try fun things like new positions.  Yeah, there are a lot of variations, believe me….. LOL

But seriously, don’t believe the movies.  They aren’t real.  Think of a book turned into a movie.  How much more detail does the book have than the movie?  A lot, generally.  So much more of the back story is told in the book.  It’s like that with sex between two people who love each other.  There’s a history there that you draw on.  Every time you make love it’s just building on that.

So, a quickie, that’s meaningless has no history.  It’s got no real meaning to it.  That is why it’s empty calories, like junky fast-food meals.  It’s sex yes.  But satisfying?  Not at all.  Whereas making love, which I’m saying is a sub-set of sex, is a gourmet meal, with all the stops.  It can be a quick gourmet meal, or one with many courses.  But it satisfies that deep hunger inside you to feel filled up if you’re a woman.  Yes, as I said to my husband, it does fill me up, both literally, and figuratively.  He doesn’t understand that feeling at all, but then again I don’t completely understand the affirmation of his manhood every time, either.  But we can appreciate it.  Oh, how we can appreciate it *wink*


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