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Holiday CD’s 17, 12, 06

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Do you ever find that you have way too many Holiday CD’s and never get a chance to listen to them all?  LOL, that’s my problem.  At last count I’ve got 16 different ones.  Harry Connick, Sarah McLachlan’s new one Wintersong, Celine Dion’s “These are Special Times”, and Jewel’s “A Holiday Collection” are all favourites.  But I’ve got Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”, a “Celtic Christmas”, Rosie O’Donnell’s CD.  Etc. Etc.  Way too many.  Anyways, I’ve been making a holiday playlist and have shuffled it.  That’s fun to do.  Yes, I do prefer to have CD’s to rip onto my computer.  Not a big deal then.

Today was the Christmas pageant at my church.  The kids were so cute.  It was great to see them.  Sarah was a cute “Mary” holding the baby doll that was Jesus.  Victoria was a darling little angel, along with the others.  SOOOOO cute up at the front of the church.

Only 1 week left before Christmas.  YAY!


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