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Ignored this blog for an entire year 11, 01, 08

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Well, I’ve done a pretty good job of ignoring this blog for an entire year didn’t I? Yeah, time to update it, I’d say. Surprisingly odd, but I sit here with another sprained ankle. First one since the last one in December 2006. Ha, that’s weird!

Thankfully I made up with my friend that I was on the outs with last time I wrote in this. I’m happy about that. Happy I didn’t write off a friendship. Happy he didn’t turn away and not listen to me. We have to remember that friends are like the most precious gems. Totally unique, irreplaceable and once lost, can’t easily be refound.

I feel happy, for the most part. Balanced in my emotions, and pleased that I can control them most of the time. Will try to remember to write more.